Quality Management

At Cold Move food safety and customers’ satisfaction are of the highest priority. Every day our dedicated team ensures that quality of service and excellence offered is continuously improved and recognized within the supply chain. The company’s Quality Manual endorses this, and is designed to position Cold Move as the leader in the sector.

Site Certifications

Newbridge, Co. Kildare

DAFM EC 2017
Bralca Cold Store Ltd BRC Certificate 2019

Dublin Port

DAFM EC 2051
BRC Storage and Distribution

The integrity of Cold Move’s supply chain is crucial. Cold Move is accredited to BRC standards and has a full time in-house Quality Assurance department monitoring all activity. With HACCP trained personnel to undertake due diligence checks throughout all operations our clients can rest assured that quality will not be compromised in any way.

Our QA department are the eyes and ears of our customers. All services offered by Cold Move are supported by our QA department to ensure that the highest of standards are maintained right throughout the supply chain.